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Felipe Carnotto was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1986. He spent his early childhood there and moved with his family to Spain in 1988.

Since 2014 he has been a freelance photographer for different publications.  He is a contributor of http://luzes.gal and he had published for major publications such as The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Financial Times, Vice Magazine, El País...His work has been exhibited in galleries and museums around Spain and Portugal. In 2017 won the picture of the year Estaçao-Imagem in Portugal.

His work about migrations is part of a book published in 2016 (ISBN 978-84-945917-1-6) and the pictures were exhibited in museums.

2017 Winner Galicia en Foco.
2017 Winner " Fotografía do Ano" Estaçao-Imagem, Viana do Castelo.
2014 Winner “Imaxes con Fondo II”
2014 3rd prize “Maratón fotográfico Vigo”
2014 Grant Campus PHE Grandes Maestros
2013 International Photography Awards, Honorable Mention.
2013 Semana Verde Galicia, Finalist (Lalín, Spain)
2012 Portfolios PHOTOESPAÑA (Centro Ágora, A Coruña. Spain)

2017 ACAMPA, A Coruña, Spain.
2017 "A ruta dos refuxiados", ESPAL, Las Palmas, Spain
2016 "A Lanterna Máxica". Vigo, Spain
2016 Buscando a Bashar. Panxón, Spain.
2016 Galicia en foco. Ferrol, Spain.
2016 Exodus. Concello A Guarda. A Guarda, Spain.
2016 "The route to Europe" Casa da cultura Arteixo. A Coruña, Spain.
2016 "Somos migrantes" Casa das artes. Vigo, Spain.
2016 "Éxodus" Diputación de Pontevedra, Spain
2016 IES Politécnico. Vigo, Spain.
2015 Galicia en Foco. Outono Fotográfico. Vigo, Spain.
2014 Museum Casa das Artes. Vigo, Spain.
2013 Museum of Ethnography Liste. Vigo, Spain.
2011 “Imaxe de Galicia".
2010” Centro social Novacaixagalicia. Vigo, Spain.
2010 “Slideluck Potshow”. Galleri Tipi, Oslo.

Lectures & Panels
2016 European Commission. Brussels, Belgium.
2016 Workshop Biblioteca Municipais, Redondela, Spain
2016 European Local Authorities Integration Network. Ipswich, Suffolk, England.
2016 Concello de Nigrán. Pontevedra, Spain.
2016 MSF. Fundación Barrié. Vigo, Spain.
2016 USC University of Santiago. Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
2016 IES Politénico. Vigo, Spain.
2016 La Unión. Lugo, Spain.
2016 A casa da Triga. Ponteareas, Spain
2016 Apostrophe. Vigo, Spain.

Solo exhibition
2016 Casa da Cultura. Concello de Sarria. Spain.
2016 Diputación de Lugo. Lugo, Spain.
2016 Concello San Sadurniño. Ferrol, Spain.
2016 Concello de Malpica. Malpica, Spain.
2016 Apostrophe. Vigo, Spain.
2015 Casa das campás. Pontevedra, Spain.

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